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Geoff Ong Wants To Be a Pop Star For Dorks.




Geoff Ong wants to be a pop star for dorks.

Pop music can feel lacking in authenticity and connection, especially for people who don’t always feel like they fit in with the cool kids. Geoff Ong wants to fix that. This is the mainstream, for the misfits.

Over the last year, Geoff has been building a career as an independent artist in New Zealand - with his songs landing mainstream airplay on New Zealand's commercial hit music stations (The Edge, ZM, The Hits), and cultivating a passionate fanbase through a combination of radio play, online engagement, and live performance.

Since July 2018, Geoff has released 3 singles - “Fingerprints”, “Don’t Know You No More”, and “Save Me The Weekend”. The songs were recorded in his bedroom in Kingsland, with production, mixing and mastering by Phil Levine of the multiple Grammy-award-winning Igloo Music Studios in Los Angeles.

All three shimmering slices of soulful indie pop landed in the top 5 of the Official NZ Singles Hot 20 Chart, at #3, #4, and #2 respectively.

Outside of music, Geoff also feels strongly about the importance of racial diversity and representation in mainstream media; as one of the few Asian faces in the pop music sphere, Geoff feels a responsibility to create discussions around this.


3x top 5 singles (#2, #3, and #4 on the official nz hot 20 singles chart)

airplay on the edge, edge tv, zm, radio new zealand, & bfm

24k+ spotify streams

online features in purevolume, popmatters, songwriting magazine + more


PRESS Quotes

“Geoff Ong’s music is music for the millennial generation. It’s emotionally authentic and fun.” - Radio New Zealand

“The most danceable, catchy way of moving on from a dissolved relationship.” - PopMatters on “The Last Song I’ll Ever Write About You”

“Ong understands pop.” -

“Eminently danceable and packing emotional heft, the self-described "pop star for dorks" has delivered the catchy goods again with his hook-packed latest number.” -

“The sky’s the limit for the New Zealand artist. World, welcome pop music’s newest prodigy, Geoff Ong.” - The Pit London





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